Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Day at Julianna's Graduation!

Steven and I are blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren (by way of Jordan's soon-to-be fiance, Jenn), we go to Julianna's graduation from daycare (she will be going to school starting next week!!!!)...We are going to the picnic to celebrate...Gramma Fay, Granpa Tony, Steven, me and the puppies plus Andrew! What a fun day Jenn has planned for the kids at day care! Pony rides, petting zoo, the Toven Gang! should be a hoot!!!
Watch for pictures!!!! If I don't forget the camera!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

These babies have kept us on our toes here all summer...what a delightful bunch! In order, since I'm not too sure how to edit this)is Patch (Toven Icy Hot), Angel (Toven On angel's Wings) and Briten (Toven???? ANy suggetions????)

What have we been up to?????

It's been a long summer here...we've had lots of ups and downs with Steven's new retirement, but for the most part, life is doing okay....
Puppies are growing like little weeds...can hardly believe that Briten is 5 months old and Angel and Patch are 4 months come the 7th!